About The KF Group

We have combined our collective experiences and expertise, gained from decades of serving and managing growth businesses in a variety of industries, to build a firm that is focused on helping other businesses prosper and grow.

We manage and control customers' risk and complex accounting and finance, tax, human resource, and information technology functions, freeing owners and their leadership teams to devote their passion and energy to drive critical operating functions. We serve our clients by contributing additional expertise to their C Suite and by expanding their sphere of influence and providing access to more resources to fuel prosperity.

We design outsourcing (or co-sourcing) relationships that incorporate functional experts and strategic professionals into customer teams.  These teams achieve efficient and effective management of back office functions, provide strategic ideas and make measurable contributions to help our customers achieve prosperity. We collaborate with management to design a suite of services within customer budgets.


We provide management information that is timely, accurate and useful to guide business decisions; we do this more efficiently than can be achieved internally for the same dollars.

Our Business is to Help You Focus on Your Business

Our Business is to Help You Focus on Your Business

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