How Do We Get Through This?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Adult & child hands holding up a globe.
We'll get through this together.

When we began to design The KF Group, we focused on building a resource for our customers, not just a vendor. Our vision from the beginning was clear: We serve by creating innovative outsourced solutions to manage back-office functions for private growth businesses; freeing owners and their managers to drive revenue, hire and retain talent, and manage operations.

We are much more than a small business bookkeeping service.

You need much more than that in good times, but you really need all the experience and expertise you can muster now during these uncertain times. We can be that help. We can become part of your team contributing valuable ideas and insight into strategic plans that address changes stemming from the pandemic. We have cash management tools that can be utilized to project and manage cash flow. If you are dealing with network issues for a newly distributed workforce, we have a collaborative IT partner to manage the process. If you are struggling with employment related matters, our HR specialty partner is available to join your solution team. Tax issues are a given because of significant retrospective and prospective tax changes stemming from the CARES Act.

We have the solution.

We are a team of experienced and functional experts ready to join your team and map a course to success. Call on The KF Group and let us begin creating your innovative outsource solutions. Together we will get through this. Together we will rebound. Together we will stand.


Author Bio

Larry Felts has over 40 years of professional service and has learned that his greatest satisfaction is derived from being part of the successes of family, friends and colleagues and clients. This has fostered a focus on building relationships, not just a book of business.

Being part of a firm where the focus is on the clients' success, is a true blessing. For those that seek a firm and a seasoned professionals to help you achieve your visions, The KF Group is ready to serve.