You Need More than Your Father's Bookkeeper

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Frazzled bookkeeper surrounded by binders.
You need someone who understands the complexities of your business.

We have faced many of the same issues small to medium sized businesses face. We understand the stress of keeping up with administrative tasks to pay employees, secure internet, filed taxes and we know how exhausting it is to maintain these tasks while trying to grow a business. We kept wondering how to assemble a team of diverse functional experts to address and manage the needs and risks of our customers in an efficient and cost effective way.

Our solution? Outsourcing. This wouldn’t be outsourcing to countries in time zones opposite of ours, this would be a base of experienced and expert CEOs, CFOs, Controllers and accounting and tax professionals whom we developed collaborative relationships with over the years. Most are even in Tennessee.

Businesses are more exposed to risks now than any other time in history. Customer buying habits changed overnight, supply chains were disrupted, mammoth frauds exposed the tip of the iceberg of malfeasance, and dispersed workforces brought a greater threat to cyber security. All businesses, big and small, are exposed to the same problems and risks, especially in their administrative functions. Our challenge has always been providing efficient and effective back-office solutions for companies with limited internal resource options.

Need help attracting and retaining talent? Exhausted by all the rules surrounding HR? We partnered with Insperity.

IT security and cyber security threats have you up late at night? Need someone to help with networking services? Advanced Network Solutions became a partner.

Need to find a way to get your sales team back on track? Our friends at The Boyens Group are well known for their dynamic sales leadership development.

Do you keep hearing about the need to make “Data driven business decisions?” but have no idea how to get started? Nashville Analytics has you covered to help you optimize your business through data.

Does the thought of managing your social media channels give you anxiety? Are you struggling with creating an online presence post Covie-19? Pilea Marketing helps boost brands through analytics, content and digital marketing expertise.

You can see we are not your father’s bookkeeping firm full of green eyeshade tax preparers. We direct a full complement of outsource solutions to respond to the risks and complexities of back office, freeing up management teams to focus attention and efforts to operations that create value and wealth for everyone involved. Think of us as the Fortune 1000 finance function for small to medium businesses.

Think you have a problem too big or too small? Reach out today and we can start working with you to find a solution that helps free you to do more of what you love.


Larry Felts has over 40 years of professional service and has learned that his greatest satisfaction is derived from being part of the successes of family, friends and colleagues and clients. This has fostered a focus on building relationships, not just a book of business.

Being part of a firm where the focus is on the clients' success, is a true blessing. For those that seek a firm and a seasoned professionals to help you achieve your visions, The KF Group is ready to serve.