Summer 2020: It's Game Time!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Soccer players walking onto the field
Ready for the game!

We are all itching to get back to the busyness of business. We’ll get use to masks soon enough; they protect you and others, and even at our most selfish, we wouldn’t want to cause someone to get sick. Don the mask, dust off the Open for Business sign and get ready to do what you love again.

Although it seems like eternity has passed, we still have the best of 2020 in front of us. As a country we may have staggered, but with PPP in our corner it kept us from a TKO. Think about how much you would have to sell to get the margin equal to PPP dollars… When you look at it through that lens, it was a mighty big stroke. Rumor has it that more is on the way and we’ll make sure to keep you posted!

We at The KF Group have been busy. We are proud to have helped many businesses weather the worst and prepare for a strong recovery. We have helped with strategy sessions, offered unfiltered assessments and “what if” contributions during brainstorming sessions with clients. We know many who have taken lessons learned during this time and have altered operations and business solutions to pivot to a more sustainable business model going forward. Like you, our team and customers are still our most important assets.

This season of scarcity has reinforced the power of outsourced back office solutions. We quickly get trusted subject matter experts into pressing administrative issues, and free up time for owners to manage operations to keep businesses afloat during choppy waters.

We are excited about the second half of 2020; remember the most useless statistic in sports is the half time score… Turns out it’s the same for business! Don't let the first part of 2020 get you down.

Call our number and add us to your roster. See how outsourcing your dollars can add to your skilled positions. It’s time to start the clock. We are The KF Group. Put us in coach, we’re ready to play!!


About the Author

Larry Felts has over 40 years of professional service and has learned that his greatest satisfaction is derived from being part of the successes of family, friends and colleagues and clients. This has fostered a focus on building relationships, not just a book of business.

Being part of a firm where the focus is on the clients' success, is a true blessing. For those that seek a firm and a seasoned professionals to help you achieve your visions, The KF Group is ready to serve.