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The KF Group Team Member Spotlight: Jeremy Park

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

The KF Group Director: Jeremy Park

Jeremy built his career as an auditor at a "Big Four" firm, on the foundation of providing expertise to companies in industries ranging from financial services to retail. He has also worked with a regional firm and outsourced controller capacity, supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

While providing oversight of accounts receivable/payable staff, Jeremy excels in producing meaningful and actionable financial reports. He has recently provided Series A round direction to clientele. As a Director at The KF Group, Jeremy loves being a part of a growing business and providing valuable accounting and finance perspective to the entire company.

Jeremy is a father to son Remy and his wife is a professor at Vanderbilt. They love food and travel and look forward to being able to go to restaurants again and see more sights in Europe. They dream of moving to San Francisco one day to take advantage of all the outdoor activities with friends without the Tennessee humidity.

Jeremy's Family

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