It's Time to Turn the Back Office into a Profit Center

Someone holding two puzzle pieces up to connect them.
Connect profit to your back office

As an external auditor, partner Larry Felts spent the better part of 40 years being viewed as overhead, a necessary inconvenience, collateral but no contributor to profit. Throughout the years The KF Group has seen how owners view the value of a back office team. Let’s face it, who gets cut first when revenue begins to decline?

It is time for owners to wake up to the inherent value of strong functional specialist to manage and execute difficult and risky responsibilities residing in back office administration. “I don’t have a lot of strong functional specialist in my back office!” you say. Exactly, and that is a good place to start to make positive changes to boosts profits and business valuation.

The KF Group specializes in turning the money spent on a small number of generalist into a team of functional specialist who transforms information into actionable plans, creates benefit plans and HR administrative insight that yield significant dollar savings, uses strategic tax planning to reduce cash outflow problems, creates market awareness, trains sales teams for higher close rates, and assess and addresses risks like cybersecurity and insurance gaps.

Not enough to turn your head yet? What if The KF Group’s experienced and skilled professionals join your C Suite to strengthen strategic capabilities and broaden your business reach through their spheres of influence and connections?

Feel free to take a pass, but let’s face it, everyone needs help to imagine a better future, create data driven goals and begin the process of rebuilding business in these uncharted waters. We have some great success stories, but don’t take our word on it. Check out what clients are saying on Google and Yelp.

Their partners have consistently provided services and counsel that was both pragmatic and valuable. The decades of cumulative experience within the leadership team has provided us much needed peace of mind in an often chaotic market.” – James Suh

As a young start-up organization, we were not in a position to hire necessary support staff all at once. Instead we decided to partner with KF Group and tap in to their outsourcing model which fit us perfectly.” – Bertil Westin

“Their staff is extremely attentive and personable, with decades of experience. Their attention to detail is second to none and they have become trusted advisors for our company.” – Heather Walker

We are here to help and offer:

  • Accounting & Tax

  • Financial Consulting

  • Fractional CFO & Controller Services

  • Outsourced IT & HR

  • Cybersecurity

  • Sales Training

  • Digital Marketing & SEO

  • Data Analytics


Larry Felts has over 40 years of professional service and has learned that his greatest satisfaction is derived from being part of the successes of family, friends and colleagues and clients. This has fostered a focus on building relationships, not just a book of business.

Being part of a firm where the focus is on the clients' success, is a true blessing. For those that seek a firm and a seasoned professionals to help you achieve your visions, The KF Group is ready to serve.